Take It from Them.

Take It from Them.

Whether it’s a job in the trades, a buildings company in the southwest, or a big New York City construction firm, young people are finding rewarding, well-paying careers. And they have some advice for you!

“Know your strengths, find what interests you, research, and then talk to local union representatives or individuals currently in your field of interest. Find a profession that suits your personality. Also very important: Be humble, willing to learn, grow, and be challenged. Always keep an open mind and never burn a bridge. As big as the industry feels, it really is a small group of people executing the work.”

Kevin Johns
Senior Superintendent, Skanska USA Building

“When you’re starting out in construction, a good mentor can motivate and energize you. When I think of people who had the biggest impact on my life, it was not their expertise or accomplishments that provided me with the direction, guidance, and reassurance I needed to accomplish my goals. It was their sincere belief in me. They let me know through their words and actions that I mattered.”

Gene Rega
Preconstruction Director, Skanska USA Building

“You can take many career paths in construction, so don’t limit yourself or feel there is no place for your skillsets. Whether you’re into engineering, graphic design, 3D animation, marketing, estimating, law, sustainability, communications, project management, etc. There are excellent career options that cover all these interests. And if you’re working with the right company, you can accomplish great things for yourself and the communities where you work and live.”

Jeanine Friedman
Marketing Director, Skanska USA Building

“My major accomplishments? Honestly, when we win projects. Each time we bid a job, there’s a lot of time and effort put into the estimate. And when we get to build and see in real life the things we had planned on paper, it’s very exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to bid a variety of jobs including, dams, bridges, train tracks, and airports. To me it is very gratifying to see how we build and improve the world around us.”

Ana Restrepo
Senior Estimator, Skanska Civil

“Take every opportunity you get. Even if it’s not exactly what you want to do. Every opportunity can be a learning experience and you can never know too much about the different areas. There are many opportunities in construction—obviously a lot of field-based positions—but there are also plenty of equally important support roles.”

Bianca Messina
Superintendent, Skanska Civil

Fast Facts about Builders

Augmented reality is affecting construction—in winning more projects, improving safety and facilitating team interaction.

Women are increasingly joining the construction workforce, in skilled trades all the way to the executive suite.

From AI and advanced intelligent materials to drones and robotics, the construction industry is building better and more sustainably.

Skilled trades let you follow your passion in a specialized way.

Infrastructure builds big to move people and products.

There are many paths to construction and many ways to get there.

Construction is going green every which way, every day.

You can use your skills, make good money, and do something meaningful.

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