Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money

Construction Workers/Skilled Trades

The construction industry offers exciting, challenging jobs with good security and benefits. And depending on what you do, and where you work, you can make good money in construction.

Prevailing wage rates vary widely by craft and region, which makes it very complicated to accurately summarize. The government says that the mean wage for a construction laborer is $43,000…and that can go much higher in some fields, like highway, street, and bridge construction where the mean wage is nearly $50,000, and power generation where it’s nearly $60,000.

Average Salary of a
Construction Worker

US News Careers reports the average salary of a construction worker was $43,000 in 2020, Cost Estimators, $72,960; Structural Iron and Steelworkers, $58,650, and Carpenters, $54,200.

One important thing to note is how union membership can benefit you. According to government statistics, in 2021, the median weekly earnings in construction for union workers (all trades combined) was $1,344 (or roughly $70k per year)—and for non-union workers, $922 per week (or roughly $48k annually). So, union membership in construction can be worth an extra $22K per year on average.

Median Yearly Earnings in Construction

Construction Management

US News Careers reports the average salary of construction managers at around $107,260.

If you opt for a higher management position and are vested in the company, bonuses may be part of your pay package. Construction is geared to economic cycles but in good years professionals may reap substantial bonuses.

Visit the following link for more on construction industry salaries, including the best cities and states for construction workers, and salary outlooks.

Fast Facts about Builders

Augmented reality is affecting construction—in winning more projects, improving safety and facilitating team interaction.

Women are increasingly joining the construction workforce, in skilled trades all the way to the executive suite.

From AI and advanced intelligent materials to drones and robotics, the construction industry is building better and more sustainably.

Skilled trades let you follow your passion in a specialized way.

Infrastructure builds big to move people and products.

There are many paths to construction and many ways to get there.

Construction is going green every which way, every day.

You can use your skills, make good money, and do something meaningful.

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